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Stephanie has been dealing with chronic neck strain, lower back pain and sinus congestion for the past 4 years. Immediately after receiving her first adjustment in 2024, she felt instant relief from all her symptoms. In fact, her low back has not returned since her first adjustment! She is a relatively new patient under upper cervical care and says she is shocked and intrigued to see her body and nervous system improve so drastically. She understands the philosophy of upper cervical care and is excited that she gets to experience the natural healing process within herself while simultaneously facilitating others to receive the same care. She is uniquely able to understand and empathize with patients in her gentle demeanor which you'll experience upon your first encounter with her. 

Her goal is to make all patients feel comfortable at our office. If you have any questions, requests or need any accommodations feel free to let her know!

She is sweet, detail oriented, attentive, funny and has a great passion for interior design, music, beauty and fashion. After work, she looks forward to spending time with her tabby cat named Mabel.

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