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Dr. Cecilia Park received her undergraduate education from the University of Los Angeles, California, and her doctorate from Life Chiropractic College West where she graduated magna cum laude with clinical honors as an intern. She received special recognition from the Blair Chiropractic Society for her contributions as a student, including founding the Blair Student Club, which continues to enrich students to this day. In addition, she is one of the few chiropractors proficient in the Joint Clearing Technique, which helps joint mobility in the extremities by utilizing short, calculated movements of the joints within the normal range of motion to shear scar tissue adhesions. 


Prior to becoming an Upper Cervical chiropractor, Dr. Cecilia Park worked in legal and compliance in the finance industry. She realized a new passion for empowering the body to heal itself when she visited an Upper Cervical chiropractic office for her chronic neck issues and scoliosis. She learned about the oft-ignored concept of the body’s innate ability to heal itself. She has since been committed to enabling others to realize this best-kept secret within themselves with a method that is specific, gentle, and custom-tailored to each person.

Outside of practice, she has a huge appetite for different cuisines, cultures, and new activities. She has a love of animals (her pet bunny is named Diva), appreciates design and fashion, and all things music.


She chose the Blair Technique for its specificity, attention to the true 3-dimensional motion of joints, recognition of body asymmetry, and gentle adjustment without twisting.

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