Benefits of Chiropractic for Menstrual Pain

Posted in Health Conditions on Jan 7, 2022

Each month, millions of women across the world rely on NSAIDs and other types of painkillers to find relief from menstrual pain. With a wildly varying range, from mild to crippling, the pain associated with women’s menstrual cycle is a major disruptor of everyday life. However, the traditional approach to numbing pain is not a safe option in the long term. The alternative is chiropractic for menstrual pain, a non-invasive and safe therapy for all women.

What Is Wrong with Taking Pills for Menstrual Pain?

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If you look at the package insert for any kind of medication, you will notice that it carries information on contraindications and side effects. The truth is that no pill is 100% safe and free of risks. Aspirin, NSAIDs, and birth control pills – the traditional treatment options for menstrual pain – can lead to various complications over the years. From digestive problems, ulcers to blood clots, and the risk of heart attack, prolonged use of these pills to relieve menstrual pain is not recommended.

So, what is the alternative for millions of women enduring severe pains and cramps each month? We recommend chiropractic for menstrual pain. This type of therapy relies on two principles: solving spine misalignments that may contribute to severe menstrual pain and offering alternative pain relief options.

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Symptoms of the menstrual cycle

Many women experience one or more symptoms with their menstrual cycle. These can include stomach pain, low backache, and headaches among others - all common throughout the month for those who suffer from them! If you're experiencing any kind of discomfort that is worse during menstruation time then it would most likely qualify as dysmenorrhea ( intensified physical ) PMS on top if there are also emotional factors involved.

How Spine Misalignments Influence Menstrual Pain

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Every organ in your body is controlled by your brain through nerves. The sexual organs are no exception. The ovaries and the uterus have nerve connections to the brain, passing through the spine.

So, what happens when the poor posture, an injury, or other issues cause the spinal vertebrae to become misaligned? The nerves that control the sexual organs, thus, the menstrual cycle, can become pinched and unable to pass the messages sent by the brain. And this may lead to the severe pain women experience just before or during menstruation.

How Chiropractic for Menstrual Pain Works

So, how can going to a chiropractor help you reduce this crippling pain? What exactly is the role of chiropractic in finding relief from menstrual cramps?

First of all, chiropractic for menstrual pain will focus on identifying and resolving misalignments in the spine. To do this, the chiropractor will act on the lumbar area (lower part) of the spine, where nerves connected to the sexual organs pass through. To do so, the chiropractor will apply the drop-table technique. This chiropractic method is gentler than spinal manipulations but just as effective. The vertebrae are encouraged to return to their natural position, freeing nerves from excess pressure.

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Alternative Chiropractic Solutions for Menstrual Pain

Your chiropractor can help you find relief from menstrual pain in other effective ways. Chiropractic massage is one of the best options for cramps caused by muscle tension and stress. This massage technique is highly specialized because the chiropractor will focus on specific deep tissues in your body, improving blood flow and encouraging muscles to relax.

Also, chiropractors can refer patients to acupuncture specialists. An ancient technique developed in China thousands of years ago, acupuncture is a minimally invasive and effective method of nerve stimulation. Millions of people rely on acupuncture to find relief from pain and other conditions caused by the improper functioning of nerves.

Choose Safe Management of Menstrual Pain

Even if you do not believe in the effectiveness of chiropractic for menstrual pain, you should give it a try. The alternative is continuing to take pills which, in time, will damage your digestive system or even lead to life-threatening conditions, such as blood clots.

Upper Cervical Care for Menstrual Pain

The Upper Cervical Spinal Correction is a revolutionary new procedure that corrects misalignment in your head and neck. It will re-activate brain-to-body communication, which has been interrupted by incorrect positioning of the spine for years or even decades! The correction also enhances blood flow to help heal any damage done; relieves stress on muscles due to poor positioning over time so they can relax more easily than before when you're finally free from pain after all this discomfort.

We encourage you to get in touch with the chiropractors at our clinic and book an evaluation appointment. You will get all the answers you need about chiropractic for menstrual pain and a personalized therapy plan to manage your condition. Call us now!

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